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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a perfect storm to highlight the gap in most supply chain strategies. We had looked at quality versus cost, we made sure we had a secondary supplier, we optimized inventory on hand based upon lead times and demand to keep cash flow up, and then we got hit. We had not considered the impact of whole countries shutting down, or inter-continental shipping grinding to a halt. Here we will take a look at how to address the gaps that COVID-19 has exposed and others we have not yet even considered.

Safety has always been a top concern, but COVID-19 has introduced a new wrinkle in how we plan and execute our jobs. Here we will reveal key considerations and how to address them when building work plans for the “New Normal”.

As we are moving into a post-pandemic economy, many organizations are struggling to adjust their operations according to new safety policies and guidelines. While there are fears of new COVID-19 outbreaks as the economy reopens, these conflicts may affect enterprise reliability, safety and operations of your business.

Dave Reiber will discuss how he has handled similar situations throughout his career at General Motors and beyond.

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